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Recycled/junk/found object art fairy mix media collage

Hello! Creative community Welcome to my art channel Mugsy Makes. Recycled/Junk/found object collage dollar store faries I used up a lot of my random junk stuff. I think I am good with the gluing of everything for now. Got junk collaging outta my system again for a bit. I did just find a awesome spring in a parking lot the other day. Always collecting. Lots of smaller pieces of costume […]

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ASMR ..Chakra Crystals, Soft Spoken, visuals & tingles !!!

A close up look at my Chakra Stones! Everything is so beautiful ..There are a lot of triggers, tingles and visuals in this video !! : ) Please give this video a Thumbs 👍🏻Up ..Share the video and help me grow my Channel !! ❤️💛💚💜💙 The Love and Support of my SuperFam .. is what makes this channel great ! So happy to have u in my life !! Love […]

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