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Large Orgonite Pyramid with Chakra Stones/Crystals and Epoxy Resin

Orgone energy and Orgonite is something that every resin crafter should explore, and in this video I make a large Orgonite pyramid containing a large quartz crystal point and over a hundred chakra stones. I wanted the base of the pyramid to be dark and very industrial-looking, showing off the stainless steel shavings that form the substance of Orgonite. The top of the pyramid is designed to be the absolute […]

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Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

For people all over the world, crystal healing is a way of life. The self-care treatment involves placing crystals and gemstones across your body to balance your mind and emotions. Different crystals will have different effects on you. For example, rose quartz is said to open our hearts to love or amethyst evokes a calming sensation. But do crystals really have healing energies? We decided to find out. The INSIDER […]

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