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TAROT MAJOR ARCANA and Great books for Tarot Majors

My book suggestions include: 78 Degrees of Wisdom (Rachel Pollack), Tarot for Life (Paul Quinn) and Complete Guide to the Tarot Illuminati (Kim Huggens). ALL LINKS TO WRAY BELOW! Wray Dansereau is an astrologer, tarot card reader/instructor and Tarot Artist. She is creating the Rubicon Tarot Deck. TAROT LIVING LINKS: Facebook Tarot Living page https://www.facebook.com/wraytarotliving/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tarot.living/ Website: https://www.tarotliving.com/ RUBICON TAROT LINKS: Facebook Rubicon Tarot page https://www.facebook.com/rubicontarot/ Instagram Rubicon Tarot […]

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Tarot 101 : Understanding The Major Arcana aka The Fool's Journey or The Hero's Journey

★ CLiCK HERE for An Illustrated Guide To The Three Levels Of Consciousness Presented In The Major Aracana…… http://www.joannadevoe.com/2015/10/understanding-fools-journey-illustrated.html In this video about The Major Arcana portion of the tarot, which traces what is commonly referred to as The Fool’s Journey or The Hero’s Journey (I personally like to think of it as The Soul’s Journey), I touch on the following topics : – Joseph Campbell, an expert on mythology […]

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