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Chakra Healing – Guided Meditation || Tree Guide Method || Purple Room Healing

Go to the meditation here: 1:39 Hello and welcome to the Deep Chakra Healing through the Ancient Tree Guide meditation session. I am Kiran and this is Purple Room Healing channel. This guided meditation is a powerful chakra healing meditation session that cleanses and heals your chakras and the energy body. You are also connected to an ancient keeper of the earth through this meditation who can awaken your natural […]

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Chakras for Beginners: ROOT CHAKRA Explained: Video 2/9 (led by a yoga teacher)

This intro to Chakras for Beginners: Root Chakra Explained. This is a series of 8 videos on chakras introductory for beginners to this info. We are up to chakra #1 Muladhara the first, root chakra. Each video in series ends with a short meditation so you can practice chakra meditation in a safe way and see how each chakra feels in your body. ***NEW 2ND CHAKRA Yoga Flow Routine for […]

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Root Chakra Healing Guided Meditation | Healing Camp #1

Welcome to Year 2016. We are starting this year with Healing Camp. Subscribe & Join us in this 30 Days of Healing Journey. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheMeditativeMind For the First 7 Days we will be posting Guided Meditation for Healing 7 Chakras. These Guided Meditations will include Affirmations, Chants and Tuning Session to Heal and Balance the Chakra. Healing Camp Day#1 Today We will be starting with Root Chakra Healing Guided Meditation. ROOT […]

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