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Dynamic Watercolor – Cliff's Edge – Fantasy Art from Tellos

Painted this Fantasy piece for the Tellos / Mike Wieringo Art Book fundraiser for Baltimore Comic Con 2017. I took a character from Mike Wieringo’s comic book Tellos (Koj) and added my own character (female warrior) to the piece. Video taken from live twitch stream. Watercolor on 10×14 on Arches Hot Press Block 300 gsm Watch me live on: https://twitch.tv/tony_moy Follow me on: https://Instagram.com/tony_moy http://twitter.com/tonymoy88 http://facebook.com/tonymoy88 http://tonymoy88.tumblr.com Other Speed Painting […]

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ASMR Memorizing Minor Arcana ☾ Soft Spoken with Sharpie

Today I’m going to explain how to read tarot cards without memorization — specifically the minor arcana — by showing you patterns between the cards. Just some little tips and tricks to help you read tarot or relax you. I don’t believe tarot can predict the future but I do believe it can be a useful tool for reflection. I love hearing from you, so if you feel like commenting, […]

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