He symbolizes spiritual power and he blesses those who kneel in front of him. He is seated between twin pillars, suggesting earthly and spiritual spheres, he is the omnipotent mediator, offering kindly wisdom to all who seek it. Often seen in the role of Chiron, wise centaur of Greek mythology who taught mortal men spiritual values and the art of healing, the Hierophant or Pope embraces esoteric and conventional religions.

Planet : Chiron
Element : Air and Earth

Divinatory Meaning
This card represents religions of all denominations and represents the Fool’s spiritual father. It offers compassion, mercy, humility and a consciousness of higher realms. There is also an orthodoxy to the Pope, implying conventionality; marriage wows; a need for, or a love of, convention and outward signs of approval and conformity.

Reverse Meaning
Foolish excess of kindness and generosity and an obsession with flamboyant ritual. Unconventionality and unorthodox. Gullibility. Rebellion.





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