It is of the horned Devil, that stands with his right hand upraised, signifying the black arts and destruction. He has talons and short, bat-like wings. A man and a woman is chained in front of him. They have horns and tails, just like their master, but their faces show remorse, suggesting that they regret their choice.

Planet : Saturn
Element : Earth

Divinatory Meaning
There are forces for good and evil inside everyone. The Fool must find and accept the dark side of his psyche, but he doesn’t give in to it, but channels it to positive energy. The flow of originally negative energy unblocks negative urges and desires. The card of the Devil suggests enslavement or subservience to evil influences. A bad choice. Bondage. Self-punishment. Disaster.

Reverse Meaning
Overcoming one’s negative forces. Release from bondage. Spiritual enlightenment. Good comes out of evil.




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