The Emperor sits confident and in a relaxed pose. He illustrates the Fool’s early father and is the masculine counterpart of the Empress. He is a majestic and strong man and he is also patient and filled with wisdom. He holds his scepter firmly and he has a golden chain around his neck, all suggesting wealth, discipline and self-control.

Zodiac : Capricorn
Element : Earth

Divinatory Meaning
This card represents a dynamic force, powerful yet controlled, suggesting law, order, wisdom and ruler ship. He brings reason and logic to triumph over emotion and undisciplined ways. He also brings cation, practicality, perseverance, endurance and tenacity of purpose. Material wealth and stability is indicated.

Reverse Meaning
A too rigid discipline may lead to frugality and meanness. Stagnation. Foolishness. Feebleness. Ineffectual and Immature actions with lack of emotional control.





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