The Empress is a matriarchal figure. She is the Fool’s early mother. She has serenity and confidence and is a woman of beauty and sensuality. Her fecundity is reflected in her full-figured, possibly pregnant, condition. Her scepter implies fulfilled womanhood. She has the golden eagle of wisdom.

Zodiac : Taurus
Element : Earth

Divinatory Meaning
The Empress, the goddess of creative arts and all fruition represents marriage, the fertility principle and motherhood. There is passion and sensuality in this card and also the ability to motivate others. Evolution and growth. Feminine progress. Achievement and accomplishment. Potential fulfilled. happy, stable relationships. Material wealth.

Reverse Meaning
A lack of self-discipline and over-indulgence in sensual pleasure. Inactivity and anxiety. A tendency to become domineering. Domestic problems. Barrenness.





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