The Fools face is turned upward and it expresses energy and optimism. He is brightly clad and is just stepping out on his adventure. He has a small pack and a staff. A small dog follows him. He is walking straight at an edge and seems to pay no attention to where his path leads. This fellow symbolizes the Green Man of Spring. Kabbalistic meaning The fool symbolizes 11, the path to Chokmah – Kether. It’s letter is Aleph, symbolized by the Ox. Other symbols is that of Air, as the fool is the spirit of Ether. Kabbalistic Colors, light yellow, Sky blue, Emerald blue, Emerald gold.

The Fool has no planetary or zodiac ruler.

Divinatory Meaning
They say that the Fool is the most potent, most volatile card in the deck. It has all four elements and the danger lies in lighthearted folly and a willingness to take leaps out into the unknown. A lack of discipline, a rashness and fool hardiness which needs to be controlled by effort of will. The fool doesn’t know what lies ahead but is willing to find it out. This card can also indicate a fresh start and new beginnings. The fool is a paradox. He is wise and at the same time a fool. He is a person looking for all and everything but don’t know where to start but to put his foot in front of his other foot and so on. The attaching animal should bee seen as the material world leaping at the spiritual world.

Reverse Meaning
An ill-advised choice. Inability to make a balanced decision. Carelessness. Vanity and apathy.



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