A man is suspended by his foot, not in the sense of death or torture, but from his own choice. He seeks new perspectives and in doing so sacrifices control of the conscious to confront unconscious forces within. His body represents two potent occult symbols – the cross, created by his legs, and an inverted trine of arms and the head, which draws spiritual power from the unconscious world. Two trees bare twelve branches representing the twelve.

Planet : Mercury
Element : Air

Divinatory Meaning
Card number 12 indicates that sacrifice brings eventual rewards. Sudden insight. Rebirth. Transition. It is the conscious choice of the Fool to seek knowledge of the unconscious within. This card also indicates looking at a problem from a different angle.

Reverse Meaning
Refusal to act or change oppressive conditions. Lack of effort to improve matters. Egocentricity and false spiritual claims.





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