The Hermit is a bearded man in a cloak that holds a lantern in his upraised hand. He has a staff of wisdom that supports him. He is an ageing man of great sageicity. He is an eternal seeker of truth and light. He travels alone through a bleak and empty landscape.

Planet : Uranus
Element : Air

Divinatory Meaning
Solitude and the need for withdrawal. The Fool discovers this need and that only by self-denial and quiet contemplation can inner peace be gained. Caution. Sacrifice and circumspection. Prudence and thriftness. A journey. A search for spiritual goals. The need for a teacher, a guide on the road of life. Can also mean desertion and loneliness.

Reverse Meaning
Impudence. Hasty actions. Selfishness and a disregard for the needs of others. Immaturity. Childishness. Over-caution. Refusal to accept the world as it is.




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