An angel is blowing his trumpet on Judgment Day. Three dead people rises from their coffins on his call. They are nude to illustrate that their earthly garments has been cast away in favor of the nakedness of spirituality and truth. The graves from they arises, is black to illustrate the dark realm of death from which they have now escaped.

Zodiac : Scorpio
Element : Water

Divinatory Meaning
This card indicates re-birth, renewal and rejuvination. This card offers heavenly rewards. The spiritual development of the Fool is almost complete. This card indicates the need to assess ourselves and to atone, if necessary. It is also important to learn to forgive ourselves and others, in order to move forward. Regeneration and reward for past efforts.

Reverse Meaning
Regret. Selfish choice. Failure to face facts. Indecision and loss of material wealth. Previous transgressions may rebound.





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