A crowned female figure holds the scales of Justice in her left hand and the double edged sword of the law in her right. She sits between twin pillars that symbolizes the eternal opposites or opposing forces in life. Justice is concerned with weighing up the balance, with integrity, fairness and reason. The Fool, on meeting card Seven, learns that force can reconcile opposing elements. He now discovers that this may also be achieved by intellectual means, using logic and reason.

Zodiac : Libra
Element : Air

Divinatory Meaning
Card eight represents justice, making wise choices or decisions and adjusting to the situation following these. Reasonableness and fairness. Reason transcending emotion. Honor. Virtue. Legal matters are also indicated, such as lawsuits, divorce and wills.

Reverse Meaning
Pre-justice and bias. A lack of balanced judgment. Inequality. Bigotry. False Testimony. Legal difficulties.





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