A young man stands next to a golden-haired girl. Cupid, anxious to shoot this arrow of Love is poised above. The lover, who could represent the Fool, must make his choice- the light or dark, the spiritual or the sensual.

Zodiac : Gemini
Element : Air

Divinatory Meaning
This is the ‘choice’ card. The Lover, under the influence of Cupid, is torn by indecision but, in order to make spiritual progress, he must make his choice. Card six represents a time of speculation and putting to the test. Yearning. Temptation. The ability to make good choices. The possibility of a new romance. Change.

Reverse Meaning
Infidelity. Family quarrels leading to separation. Dissolution of a marriage. Inability to resolve a personal problem or the possibility of making a wrong choice. Inconsistency. Unreliability.





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