The Magician looks towards the ground, suggesting hidden knowledge. His wand is pointing upwards to higher realms indicating that that which is above creates all things on Earth. Objects on the table await the Magician’s touch to bring about change and transformation.

Zodiac : Aries
Element : Fire

Divinatory Meaning
This card symbolizes creativity, originality and self-assertiveness with some arrogant pride. An ingenious individual. The first card encountered by the Fool on his journey, the Magician is an initiator: he creates new opportunities and gives the courage, driving power, skill and determination to bring these to fruition. Spontaneity. Movement. Self-reliance and control.

Reverse Meaning
There can be weakness of will and purpose. Will power may be used to evil ends and skills put to destructive use. Selfish, aggressive and quarrelsome behavior. Deception. A cunning trickster.





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