Two dogs bay at the Moon while the yods falling to earth signify her powerful influence on those below. Towers standing either side symbolize the Moon’s domination over conscious and unconscious forces. A crayfish crawls from a darkened pool, representing half-acknowledged and unknown fears. The Moon symbolizes intuition; inspiration; illusion and deception.

Zodiac : Cancer
Element : Water

Divinatory Meaning
Card Eighteen represents the deep unconscious and distant memory, fantasy, dreams and emotions. The Fool, refreshed from his encounter with the star, now discovers the feminine, negative, receptive and deep emotional aspects of his nature. This card implies falsehood, double dealing; false friends. It can also indicate illusion, escapism, self-deception, fluctuation and change.

Reverse Meaning
Uncertainty. Unreasonable fears. Deception and trifling mistakes may occur. Control imagination in the interests of progress.




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