She has a rich headdress that illustrates her secret knowledge. A deeper wisdom awaits beyond the draped veil behind her head, for the priestess is an initiate and is learning still. A book of ancient mysteries rests upon her knee, signifying that knowledge is revealed to those who are prepared to seek it out.

Zodiac : Pisces
Element : Water

Divinatory Meaning
This card signifies the intuitive, inward-looking aspect of the self. The fool sees the Priestess as his spiritual mother yet she symbolizes the virgin, the initiate with potential as yet unfulfilled. Representing the world of spirit. Natural insight. Enlightenment. Spiritual wisdom. This card also indicates studies of an occult nature.

Reverse Meaning
Over-sensitivity to psychic influences. Ignorance. Physical vanity, emotional instability or outright deception. Selfishness. Superficiality.







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