The Star symbolizes hope, renewal and inspiration. The Star is a welcome sight for the Fool, following his sojourn in the bleak underworld of his unconscious self. A girl kneels by a pool. She is Truth and her nakedness implies that she has nothing to fear; nothing to hide. She replenishes the pool with life-sustaining waters of conscious and unconscious aspirations. A bird alights on a tree and, as inspirational symbols of hope, eight stars gather above her head.

Zodiac : Aquarius
Element : Air

Divinatory Meaning
The Star brings with it brilliant prospects; hope; new opportunities and success. Its magic may be fleeting but card Seventeen offers a beam of light where there is darkness. Optimism, insight and inspiration. The healing attributes of tranquillity and peace.

Reverse Meaning
Pessimism; disappointment and unfulfilled hopes. Ill luck. A sense of futility.





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