This card is also known as force, courage, fortitude or the enchantress and it symbolizes the ultimate feminine power, the Moon and fertility, mental and spiritual strengths. Calmly but firmly she is seen closing the mouth of the Lion who represents the sun, reflecting masculine power and physical strength. Strength signifies spiritual trancendency over the physical.

Planet : Venus
Element : Earth

Divinatory Meaning
This card shows courage, strength and determination and with it is a self-awareness giving spiritual power. The Fool now learns the wisdom of self-discipline and the ability to control his physical lusts and passions. He has progressed one stage further along the path of personal evolution. Triumph over material power. Moral strength. Personal charm.

Reverse Meaning
Abuse of power. An over bearing attitude – perhaps tyranny. Greed. Submitting to base desires. Weakness.





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