Temperance was one of the medieval cardinal virtues, symbolizes balance; time and its alchemy. The winged angel is poised and at ease, the waters of past and present flow between each vessel. None is spilt, suggesting economy and control. Transmuter of time, divine Temperance represents the harmonious integration of opposites: day and night, male and female, heaven and earth.

Planet : Jupiter
Element : Water

Divinatory Meaning
The rhythm and harmony of Time past and present and the acceptance of its passage is the message of card Fourteen. It stands for successful union in personal and business relationships. To a balanced mind the Fool now brings the wisdom of a balanced heart; self-control and the capacity to modify and adapt when confronted by change.

Reverse Meaning
Disharmony. Dis-union. Discord. Inability to work with others. Unfulfilled desires.





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