A crown, symbol of earthly power, tumbles from the Tower as flames of fire descend from heaven. Also from heaven fall many yods, Kabbalistic symbols of spiritual inspiration cascading to earth. Two men tumble headlong from the stricken Tower onto hilly ground from which already grow green shoots of recovery.

Planet: Neptune
Element : Fire

Divinatory Meaning
The old order breaks down so that the new may begin. To the Fool, the destroyed Tower signifies the shattering of his illusions, causing him to seek new philosophies upon which to rebuild his life. This card represents order out of chaos. Learning through experience. New beginnings. Opportunity. It can also indicate unforeseen catastrophes, loss of security or the end of a relationship.

Reverse Meaning
Imprisonment, physically or spiritually. Inability to abandon outmoded structures and bring about necessary change. Entrapment.




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