It is of a crowned figure clutching a sword who sits triumphantly atop the Wheel. On the left-hand side another figure suffers a decline in his fortunes while on the right, another optimistically is carried upwards. There is a bizarre, incongruous quality to this scene, reflecting the incomprehensible game of “chance” dealt by the hand of fate.

Planet: Mars
Element : Fire

Divinatory Meaning
This card symbolizes cyclic evolution, indicating the compulsion and inevitability of its progress. The Fool learns that he alone must take responsibility for his life and not rail at Fate for his misfortunes. Card ten suggests “time to move on to the next phase”. Advancement for good or ill. The unexpected may occur. Good fortune.

Reverse Meaning
Failure. Expected events take an unexpected turn. Ill luck. Good fortune eludes you. Inability to meet challenges.





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