Card Twenty-one represents completion; fulfillment; balance and harmony. Neither male nor female, an hermaphrodite figure stands or perhaps dances within a perfectly intertwined, oval garland – a symbol of integration and completion. Placed at each corner of the card are figures representing the four elements; the Angel signifies water; the Eagle, Air, the Bull, Earth, and the Lion, Fire.

Element : Air
Element : Fire
Element : Earth
Element : Water

Divinatory Meaning
The World celebrates the perfect integration and completion of a whole which, in the book of the alchemist, symbolizes the completion of the Great Work. The Fool has completed his journey and all his previous trials and experiences culminate in card Twenty-one. The World indicates a spiritual awakening; desires fulfilled. Triumph. The final goal reached. Joy and a new life. Twenty-one is the most fortunate card.

Reverse Meaning
Lack of vision. Failure to complete what has been started. Imperfection.



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