Wiccan Terminology

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Representative of the Goddess as the One Who Transforms in her aspect of Tomb and Womb.

Generally negative energies drawn from the Dark Aspects of the Goddess and the God.

It refers to Sabbats, days triggered by astrological occurrences, your birthday, Blood of the Moon, and your dedication/initiation anniversary.

The process in which the Witch accepts the Craft as their path and vows to study and learn all the necessary to reach adeptship in a given tradition. This usually precedes initiation and the learning process before initiation will usually last for a year and a day.

Defuse general malevolence and ill will of others. A mirror is most commonly used in a deflection ritual to either return or deflect evil intent.

A supreme or divine being; God or Goddess.

In a clockwise or sunwise direction. It is much-used in spells and rituals; i.e. "walk deosil around the Circle of Stones." Some Wiccan groups below the equator have switched from deosil to Widdershins (anti-clockwise) movements. In northern hemisphere magic and religion, deosil movement is symbolic of life, positive energies, good.

It is the term used for searching the unknown, future or past, by studying seemingly random patterns in nature. Natures tools used in divination include tealeaves, clouds, leaves, flames, etc. There are also tools used in divination which obey a law that nothing is truly random, but rather guided by the divine. These tools include the tarot, rune, ogham, numerology, palmistry and pendulum.

The unmanifested, pure energy that exists within the Goddess and God. The life force, the ultimate source of all things. Compare with Earth Power and Personal Power.

The use of a pendulum or forked stick to find the actual location of a person, place, thing, or element. This method has been known to become individualistic with people. Objects such as stones on the back of the hand, a tall glass of water (water dowsing), parallel steel wires and dried leaves or petals. The last is not found often, but is a method working with the wind where the leaves or petal would blow off in a direction. Doing this a number of time would cause a triangulation and show "the center spot".

The resin from the palm tree 'Daemonorops draco', used by Witches as a magical incense for various enchantments.

In Wicca and Witchcraft, the ritual invocation of the Goddess spirit into the High Priestess of a coven by the High Priest.

In Wicca and Witchcraft, the ritual invocation of the Horned God spirit into the High Priest of a coven by the High Priestess.

Putting an oil on spell items such as candles as part of a ritual consecration to prepare the object to attract and direct the energy of a spell to accomplish a goal.

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