Wiccan Terminology

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One of the four elements which corresponds to the North Watchtower or the magical circle. It has become apparent that some groups associate earth with east rather than north. This is a personal choice. If it feels natural or right, you are welcome to swap the association. Also see: Air

That energy which exists within stones, herbs, flames, wind and other natural objects. Can be utilized during Magic to create needed change.

In astrology, the three signs of the zodiac attributed to the element of Earth - Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

To send excess energy into the Earth.

Mixture of beliefs borrowed from various Traditions and Theologies.

Conscious part of the human psyche.

Older and wiser persons wishing a religion. Amongst Witches and Wiccans these would be third-degree and second-degree members of a coven.

The personification of the nature elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The fifth element is Spirit which brings the other elements together. These Elementals are traditionally also the "Guardians of the Watchtowers" to the North, East, South and West. These elements are regarded as the construction fiber of all that is real in the physical universe.

These are the natural elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Spirit is regarded a fifth element which is used to bring the other four together. At least one part of each of these elements are contained in everything that exists.

Elixirs are made by placing charged crystals in liquids and allowing the energy to flow to that liquid for a time. The crystal is the removed and the liquid taken orally.

See: Charge

Energy is that source of power which resides within everything which makes it what it is. It can be described as a vibration, sensation and in many cases a feeling of static in the air to those sensitive to it. It is like electricity, you cannot see it, but it does exist. No-one has yet found a reliable way of measuring the energy in all objects.

See: Sabbat

The term of the traditional meeting of a coven on a new or full moon. For solitary witches these are celebrations of the new and full moon and a time to work magick. In some traditions or covens, any meeting of the coven which does not coincide with a Sabbat is considered an Esbat.

That part of the body which exists in the Etheric plane between Astral and Physical.

The level of energy existence between the physical and astral planes.

The summoning of spiritual entities or elementals to local attendance in visible or invisible states.

The removal of bad or uninvited entities or energies from a place or person which they may have taken over or inhabit by use of psychic concentration or magick. Compare with: Cleansing

An ancient Egyptian symbol which depicts the divine eye of the God Horus, representing both the solar and lunar energies.

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