Wiccan Terminology

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A modern tradition of Witchcraft based on the guidelines developed by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's. Gardnerians are exclusively coven based and tend to be a little secretive.

The third sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the Twins, is an Air sign, and is ruled by Mercury.

A powerful magical symbol representing the name and date of birth of a person.

One of the earth associated entities or elementals.

The supreme female aspect of the Divine and consort of the Horned God.

An occult Order founded in London in 1887 by three Rosicrucian's, which became a major influence in Western ritual magic.

It is a ritual which symbolizes the union of the Goddess and the God. The ritual involves a symbolic sexual act between the High Priest and High Priestess which may be physical if both so choose. If the act is actual, it is always performed in private with both participants fully consenting. It is never a requirement that this ritual be an actual sexual one and is in most cases only performed in the symbolic sense.

Another name for a God, as in his kingdom of the forest.

A nickname for a Witch who is skilled in the art of herbs. Also called the Green Arts or Green Magic.

Considered by some to be the same book as the Witches Book of Shadows, but by others as a separate book. The Grimoire to some is that book containing only the practicalities of magick and ritual. If this argument is accepted, then it would only contain spells, formulas, rituals and correspondences. It would not contain poems or personal laments and inspirations.

Each direction (North, East, South and West) has a symbolic Watchtower which is guarded by an elemental, spirit or archangel. These Guardians are usually called upon when casting the circle.

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