Wiccan Terminology

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A Chinese system of divination involving sixty-four `hexagrams' or six line combinations of unbroken (yang) and broken (yin) lines.

A primitive but potent form of magic which works on the basic principle that like produces like.

A Gaelic word, pronounced "immOL'g" which, when literally translated, means in the belly [of the mother]. This is one of the eight Sabbats which celebrates the transition of the Goddess from Crone to Maiden. It also signifies the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God at Yule. Usually celebrated on or around 2nd February with the first signs of Spring. Also known as Oimelc (milk of the ewe), Candlemas (Christian equivalent), Lupercus and Disting.

It is the belief that Deity exists within all things, including people, and cannot be separated from them.

The ritual recitation of words of power or special phrases in order to produce a magical effect.

The manifestations of a living entity into physical form; any one of the earthly lives of an immortal human. Individuality The immortal, reincarnating part of a human being, consisting of the Upper Spiritual, Lower Spiritual and Upper Mental levels

The term used for that ritual which is performed to add or acknowledge a person as part of a coven or tradition.

Other levels of being and consciousness than the physical or the "normal" Ego-consciousness.

It is the goal of the magickal work. INVOCATION
It is the act of calling to visible or invisible presence and entity of spiritual nature. The ritual ceremony of Drawing Down the Moon is and invocation of the Goddess into the physical body of the High Priestess.

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