January 20th to February 18th

Aquarius – Water Bearer

Aquarius the 11th house of the zodiac

Ruled by Uranus and co-ruler Saturn

The Egyptian God is called Hapi, he is fat with breasts. He is the god of the Nile and is seen as he pours water to heaven to earth from his urn. This is the symbol of the water bearer.

Uranus units with his wife or mother Gaia and they have children which Uranus does not find pleasing as in his eyes they are not perfect. He hides them away in the under world where no one can see. Uranus does not get away with this, as Saturn cuts off his genitals and throws them into the sea, only for life to spring from his seed, and it is from here that Aphrodite is born who contains both the senses from Prometheus and beauty and perfection from Uranus.
One is earth while the other is air.

Uranus also connects with Erinyes who were born out of his suffering.
The Erinyes must receive retribution for the suffering of family and will not allow family blood to be tarnished or hurt in any way. This is the price that Uranus has to pay.
The Erinyes are the Goddesses of vengeance.
This stands for the 3 quarters of the moon. New moon maiden, 1st quarter maturity, and full moon old lady.

Prometheus a titan who steals fire from the gods, and is very much concerned with raising awareness in mankind, so that man can become aware of all that is around him.
Prometheus is the God for mankind who wants to reform so that man has a link with his higher self.

The oldest myth of Prometheus is that he made man out of clay, and Athena breathes life into it. This also represents Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge.
Prometheus had a brother called Epimertheus whose name means learning through experience.
Prometheus was present at the birth of Athena who was born from the head of Zeus.
Athena teaches Prometheus since he was present at her birth she has great respect for him,
she taught him, architecture, astronomy, mathematics, navigation and medicine.
All these gifts he gave to man. He is the social worker of the cosmos.
Zeus and Prometheus are from the same seed, they need, and understand one another.
Zeus needs Prometheus because of his sight and Prometheus need Zeus to upgrade humanity.

Zeus king of the gods wanted to destroy mankind but Prometheus intervened and Zeus gave in and so Prometheus taught mankind all that he could. Zeus became jealous and does not want man to bring into consciousness parts of himself he feels should remain in the unconscious, and so held back the development of the spirit.

Zeus makes Prometheus pay for stealing fire from the gods for mankind and hangs him to a tree as punishment while a vulture eats away at his liver at night only to have fully recovered by day, so that the same old ritual takes place time and again and there seems to be no escape.
Hercules pleads with Zeus to free him. Chiron pays the price so that the underworld isn’t robbed of there delight and Chiron takes his place, and spends 6 months in the under world and 6 months on earth, while Zeus still desires a link to Prometheus so that he doesn’t appear to have given in, so he orders Prometheus to wear a ring from the chains that bound him in honor of Zeus. Zeus in a way hurts himself through the punishment of Prometheus because the liver is ruled by Jupiter.

His brother is afraid and so marries Pandora, Prometheus has given his brother a gift which is not to be opened, but his wife opens this and it contained all the woe’s of the world, so causes tremendous negative attributes that are in our atmosphere, however the last energy which was also contained with Pandora’s box was hope.
And it is just this quality that is being used to day in the Aquarian age.


Ruling Planet Uranus

The planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were unknown in ancient times. The fact that many Greek gods clearly personify the astrological influences of planets is probably not coincidental or even always subtle in its relationship: most likely astrological theory sometimes provided the basic ideas upon which the myths were built.
But this could not be possible with the 3 outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto because these planets were unknown when Greek myths flourished. Astronomers continued the tradition of naming planets after Greek gods.

Uranus was born from Gaea, the Earth, and he became the god of the sky.
His rains fertilized the Earth and gave birth to many kinds of human-like creatures, one of which were the Cyclopes and another were the Titans.
Uranus tried to confined the Cyclops to the depths of the Earth, a place known as Tartarus. Gaea encouraged her children to rebel against Uranus, and the youngest Titan, Cronus, was successful in wounding Uranus.

After this occurred, little is mentioned about Uranus in Greek mythology. The myth of Uranus does not appear to describe Uranus’s astrological characteristics very well, but this is not surprising given the fact that its name was given much later than the myth, and there was no conscious attempt by astronomers (who very often are not believers in astrology) to select a myth with astrologically appropriate significance.

The myth of Uranus does have some points of similarity to Uranus’s astrological influence: the planet Uranus is associated with sudden explosions of energy like lightning, which is a product of the sky, Uranus’s domain.

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