March 21st to April 19th

Aries – The Ram

Aries the first house of the zodiac

Ruled by: Mars

The Egyptian’s associated the Ram as Armon. Whose name means hidden one.
This also represents the creative spirit that resides within the seed of the human race.

Greek Myth
Associated Armon with Jupiter, and also with Jesus Christ.
The Myth begins with twin brothers Phrixus and Helle, whose lives are in danger by their uncles and step mother. They are taken to safety on a sacred Ram provided by Zeus. Through the journey Helle dies in a drowning accident while Phrixus arrives safely.
Phrixus sacrifices the ram, and hangs up the fleece in a sacred grove guarded by a dragon; the fleece then turns to gold.
Jason has been well educated by the wise Centaur Chiron and has learnt the art of war and is prepared for this challenge. Jason and the Argonauts go through such pain in order to retrieve the Golden Fleece and bring it home, so that Jason can then reclaim his right to the throne. They are guided and helped along their journey by the Goddess Athena, Poseidon, Hera, and also Medea who is a Priestess and Sorceress, and becomes Jason’s love and companion.

On Jason’s return home, his uncle, thorough a prophecy is told to be aware of a man who had one sandal.
Jason helps an old woman cross a stream, and loses a sandal, not realizing that she was the Goddess Hera in disguise. So when the two confronted one another, his Uncle lets him pass. When he returns home he takes his rightful place as heir to the thrown, and so over-turns the old order. He settles down with Medea and they have children.

Meanwhile while Jason begins to long for excitement and falls for the daughter of king Corinth. This is his down fall. Medea becomes angry and takes her revenge, she uses her power to aid Jason’s downfall and kills the new bride and their children. She also renders Jason impotent.
Jason finds despair and loneliness, because he has over stepped his mark.

Jason’s King and uncle were unfair, and sent Jason on a journey that they thought would be no return. But Jason was meant to retrieve the Golden Fleece.
Jason was courageous though his journey, though it may not have been completed without the help of the gods, and Medea whom he settles down with and regains his throne.
Jason tires of what he has and wants more. This is his down fall. In this way Jason becomes the tyrant, like his uncle and the king.
Zeus is a great helper, but also the women who he meets may also offer help. Medea supported and used her power so that Jason was successful. But Jason was not satisfied, he rejected Medea, and so rejected the female within himself and he loses his polarity.


Ruling Planet Mars

Aries, the Greek god of war, is typically portrayed as a ferocious fighter who enjoyed bloody encounters. Despite his aggressive and ferocious character, he sometimes would lose a battle because he would be outwitted by his opponent. For example, in The Iliad, the mortal Diomedes was able to injure Ares in a battle. Diomedes was assisted by the goddess Athena.
Aries had several intense love relationships, most notably one with Aphrodite, but no lasting happiness in romantic affairs.
Astrologers generally regard the planet Mars as the drive for achievement and it is not necessarily militaristic or aggressive, but frustration and anger are vexing problems that most people encounter regularly; mastering the energy of Mars is often challenging and difficult.
It is certainly true that Mars needs the assistance of Mercury (intelligence) to achieve its goals, and with out which it can become unbalanced and dysfunctional.

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