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Delphinium (Larkspur)

Delphinium Open Heart and Ardent Attachment.
Larkspur Symbol of Lightness and Swiftness.

The common name for this plant came about by the shape of the blossom. The long spur of the flower reminded people of the nose of a dolphin; thus, delphinium, the Greek word meaning “dolphin”. The spur also reminded some people of parts of the lark: thus, larkspur, lark’s heel, and lark’s claw.

The most ancient use of the delphinium was as a strong external medicine thought to drive away scorpions and beasts by the seeds and leaves which were thought to possess great power.

Ground to a powder, the seeds were used to treat a toothache. Lice in the hair were destroyed by many species of delphinium. Larkspur destroyed the lice in the hair of the warriors during the American Civil War, and at the Battle of Waterloo. Wounds were dressed with species of Delphinium.

The wild strains are often the cause death among cattle, the plants being extremely poisonous.

Delphinium (Larkspur) originated, according to legend, during the Battle of Troy. Achilles mother requested that her son’s armor be given to the most heroic Greek Warrior. The armor was given to Ulysses, although the brave Ajax expected to be chosen, and, because of his dejection, Ajax killed himself. The small blue larkspur began to grow where spilled the blood of Ajax.

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