Birth Flower (June)

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Single Red Rose: Symbol of True Love.
Good Luck Gift to a Woman.
Rosebud: Beauty and Youth.

White Rose: Charm and Innocence.
Pink Rose: “Our Love is Perfect Happiness.
Yellow Rose: Jealousy and Infidelity.

Many roses were grown in Medieval gardens. They were grown more for medicine and food than for beauty. Rosaries made from compressed rose petals were also very popular. Ailments such as Sleeplessness, headaches, hemorrhages, earaches, toothaches, nosebleeds, lungs, stomach and intestines were thought to be cured by roses.

An ancient Persian legend tells how the most precious of all Persian perfumes came about. The palace gardens were interspersed with canals and fountains which were decorated with rose petals in preparation for the wedding of the caliph Jehangir and his beautiful wife. While walking along the paths with his betrothed, Jehangir noticed an oily film floating on the water. He became so infatuated by the heady scent of the oil, which was produced by the action of the sun on the roses, that he ordered it bottled for later use; thus it was considered the most precious of Persian fragrances.

From the days of the Roman Empire arose the legend of the origin of the rose. It was said that a woman, Rhodanthe, who, because of her exquisite beauty, had many, many suitors. Rhodanthe, not interested in any of her suitors, traveled to the Temple of Diana, seeking refuge, but the persistent suitors followed her to the Temple breaking down the gates to get closer to Rhodanthe. Diana, becoming infuriated at the destruction of her Temple, turned the suitors into thorns and Rhodanthe into a beautiful rose.

There has been much writing about the rose, but none of more historical significance than that of the English War of Roses which was fought between the House of Lancaster, whose symbol was the red rose, and House of York, symbolized by the white rose. The end of the war brought about the establishment of the House of Tudor on the English Throne. The flower emblem of England is, today, The Rose of Tudor, a white rose charged upon a red rose.

The New York state flower is the rose, and the emblem of Washington D. C. is the American beauty rose. The rose was chosen as the national flower of the United States in 1886.

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