Birth Flower (October)

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Pensiveness and Winning Grace.
(Marigold) “You are My Divinity.”

Valued because of their extensive medicinal and culinary value, Calendula is a member of the marigold family.

According to Gerard, in his herbal, a concoction made from Calendula flowers and sugar , taken in the morning, would keep one from trembling.

A wine, made from an ancient recipe using an infusion of Calendula blossoms in wine, was thought to “soothe a cold stomach”

Calendula, made into a salve, was used to cure skin irritations, jaundice, sore eyes, and toothaches, and the flowers were used to treat ulcers, measles and varicose veins.

When mixed with vinegar, the Romans used Calendula for seasoning meat and in salads and preserves.

Eating Calendula was thought to make one see fairies, be easily induced to sleep, or to feel more amorous.

Early Christians called the Calendula “Mary’s Gold,” and placed them by the statues of the virgin Mary.

Considered the most sacred herb of ancient India, Holy men were said to have strung the blossoms into garlands and placed them around the necks of the gods. Because the flower heads follow the paths of the sun, the Calendula is sometimes called summer’s bride or husbandman’s dial. “The marigold goes to bed with sun and with him rises weeping,” alluding to the fact that the flowers close at night trapping dew inside.

The Latin word calendae, which is the genus name, means “throughout the months.”

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