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Aster Astrological Symbol: Herb of Venus.
(Daisy) Elegance and Daintiness.
Talisman of Love.

Considered sacred to Roman and Greek deities, asters are ancient wildflowers of the daisy family

Two old myths told of the origin of asters. One claimed that the field bloomed with asters when Virgo scattered stardust on the earth. The other claimed that the Goddess Asterea began to cry when she looked down upon the earth and saw no stars. The asters bloomed where her tears fell.

Known as Eye of Christ in France and Starwort in England and Germany, asters were thought to carry magical powers.

Aster leaves were burned to keep away evil spirits and drive away serpents in ancient Greece. The bite from a mad dog was thought to cured by an ointment made from asters.

Virgil wrote that the flavor of honey would be improved if asters were boiled in wine and placed near a beehive.

Roman mythological legend holds that one of the dryads presiding over the forest, meadows and pastures, the nymph Belides, was responsible for the origin of the daisy. While dancing on the turf at the edge of the forest with the other nymphs, Belides attracted the admiration of the deity who presided over the orchards whose name was Vertumnus. She transformed herself into the flower bellis, it’s botanical name, to escape the pursuit of Vertumnus.

The bellis flower is derived from the Anglo-Saxon daeges eage — day’s eye, from the habit of this flower to close its petals at night and on dark rainy days.

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