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Gemini – Twins

Gemini the 3rd sign of the zodiac

Ruled by: Mercury

Gemini represents opposites, ie Cain and Able and Adam and Eve. Gemini also relates to twins. It is the only sign which relates to people.

Caster and Polydeuces are associated with the stars to the constellation of Gemini.
They were the sons of Leda and King Tyndareos of Sparta.

Zeus transformed himself into a swan in order to seduce Leda. She lays two eggs, from which emerge two sets of twins, one female and the other male. From the one egg emerged Caster and Polydeuces, and from the other Klytaemnestra and Helen.
Caster and Polydeuces fight with another set of twins called Idas and Kynceus. In this battle Caster dies, and Polydeuces asks for the help of Zeus in order to resurrect his brother, or to take his life instead. Zeus grants this wish, but one brother will enjoy the day while the other the night, so that they understand the qualities of the underworld but also the ecstasy of the gods. This is really the dilemma of Gemini. The duality of the personality one negative while the other positive. And it is this challenge that they often find in life.

To understand both sides of there personality, rather than just the positive or creative side.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini. Symbolically he is the trickster, hes in dreams and the joker. He is also known as the messenger to the underworld, and of the heavenly realms. He is the only god not assigned a place of worship. You will find him anywhere at a crossroads in life. We are blessed with his presents and intellect but at times become confused and will drift you astray


Ruling Planet Mercury

The Greek god Hermes was a very swift messenger who transported messages at the request of the other gods. Hermes was clever, youthful, and mischievous. He enjoyed playing tricks and often used his wit to advantage. For example, he once stole cattle from Apollo, which infuriated Apollo, but Hermes was able to appease Apollo by inventing the lyre, which he gave to Apollo.

Hermes exemplifies the qualities of Mercury: quick thinking, communication, and a lack of ethical principles. Astrologically, Mercury is not immoral, but it is amoral, that is, indifferent to ethical issues, which are the domain of Saturn.

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