November 22nd-= to December 21st

Sagittarius – The Archer

Sagittarius the 9th house of the zodiac

Ruled by: Jupiter

Rhea creates Zeus. Zeus is the god of gods and men. He is the god of lightning, enlightenment, and also the rain god. He stands for freedom of the spirit.
To allow the opportunity to be at union with the spirit and so releasing many restrictions on life. So long as he keeps his commitments to his wife Hera, Zeus has connections with marriage, and the ring which is worn in connection to marriage symbolises this union and also the restriction that marriage entails.

Jupiter represents Zeus the Greek god. Zeus has great power, Rhea who created him gave this to him. Zeus tries with all his might to remove this dependency he has on Rhea and he does not really wish to acknowledge the fact that he owes his power to her. Zeus’s domain is the light and his eternal search for freedom that Sagittarius stands for.

Zeus wishes to be free from all commitments especially his wife. Hera and Zeus are at each other constantly in battle over his escapades which later ends up in reconciliation.
Hera was not exactly fair with him within there union, Hera uses a magical girdle to entice him and as well learned as Zeus is, he falls for it line hook and sinker.
But both compliment each other so well there are exact opposites and with out each other neither would be as powerful as they are.

Chiron is the son of Saturn, Saturn had a sexual union with Phyilla daughter of Okeanos Rhea catches them and Saturn immediately makes a dash turning himself into a stallion leaving Phyilla with the baby
Only Phyilla hates the baby who is half man half horse, and prays to the Gods to do some thing about it.
Phyilla turns into a linden tree, and the baby Chiron is taken to mount Pelion.
Chiron becomes the King of the Centaurs, and was a healer and a prophet, and was renowned through out his teachings, he taught the sons of gods healing.
Chiron has a tragic fate, he was out one day hunting with Hercules. Hercules accidentally shoots Chiron in the leg with an arrow, which has been dipped in the blood of Medusa, for which there was no cure. Hercules withdraws the arrow and Chiron attends his own wound since he is a teacher of healing, but to no avail. The wound will not heal.
Prometheus much later steals fire from the gods for humanity. Zeus punishes Prometheus for giving human kind the gift of the spiritual awareness.
Hercules saves Prometheus but Zeus demands a substitute which Chiron who cannot die and yet cannot live a life content because of his wound. So Chiron takes on Prometheus punishment.

The life quest for most Sagittarius is to aim high, Chiron is in a way the shadow side of Zeus, the wounded Sagittarius which we don’t usually see. This is the Centurion of earth magic which has been lost to us because he was wounded and took on the pain of Prometheus because he was not able to heal him self.


Birth Planet Jupiter

The Greek god Zeus in Roman mythology was known as Jupiter. He was the ruler of the other Greek gods, and he often decided matters of justice when a conflict arose between gods or between gods and mortals.

Although Zeus held this highest position, he was not without problems of his own. For example, his passions sometimes drove him to become involved in romantic affairs, sometimes secretly, sometimes utilizing deception, trickery or force to get his way, and Zeus sometimes sought the favors of other gods to assist him in the difficult situations that he would find himself in.

The planet Jupiter, like Zeus, leads one to larger and larger arenas, and can bring one great success and authority, but Jupiter is indulgent, and is prone to wastefulness and excess.

Not all characteristics of Zeus seem Jupiterian, however. For example, Zeus’s use of thunderbolts brings to mind the planet Uranus, so the myths do not always translate simply and directly to astrological terminology.

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