August 23rd to September 22nd

Virgo – Virgin

Virgo the 6th house of the zodiac

Ruled by: Mercury

Virgo represents Mary, Mother of Jesus. The mother of Christ remains a Virgin in the minds of others even when Jesus is born. This does not mean an untouched woman, or intact. In ancient times this meant unmarried lady.

The Greek Goddess Astraea is Goddess of Justice. The Goddess Demeter, an earth Goddess who has a natural affinity with agriculture. The Syrian Goddess Atargatis. Associated with Uranus, and the Moon, the sexy Goddess.

The Goddess Astraea is the Goddess of Justice, and she represents the four seasons and the natural order including birth, change, abundance and death – spring, summer, autumn and winter. She once lived on the Earth in the golden age according to Myth. She mixed with the people teaching of the natural order of the world which was in tune with the universal energies. As corruption penetrated the Earth she became disgusted, went back home and became the constellation Virgo.

The Goddess Astraea represents the natural order of everything from vegetation to animals, every thing has a life and unfolds according to its fate, which was totally dependent on the influence of the heavenly bodies.

The Syrian Goddess Atargatis was herself a harlot, who served men, and so enhanced and allowed them to be semi-divine – this is where men were initiated. The principle of Atargatis is to be true to ones inner-self. She represents the struggle that accompanies a Virgo’s life.
The Moon and Uranus represents the more lusty side to a Virgo’s nature, which creates a polarity and is difficult to master.

This sign also represents Persephone. She chooses to be a virgin, rather than a harlot so Hades the god of the underworld takes this right out of her hands. Persephone is abducted and taken to the underworld, to live for 6 months in the darkness and then 6 months with her mother. Transformation has taken effect, because she was not allowed to simply remain a virgin but rather the necessity to become a woman. The mother and daughter relationship reflects the daughter’s need to look back, and the mother to look forward through her daughter.

The sign of Virgo is a complex one where the individual wishes to remain intact inside – a virgin from within. It’s important to them to do what is right. External conditions do not usually allow this and there tends to be an internal struggle to reunite the spirit with the physical.


Ruling Planet Mercury

The Greek god Hermes was a very swift messenger who transported messages at the request of the other gods. Hermes was clever, youthful, and mischievous.
He enjoyed playing tricks and often used his wit to advantage. For example, he once stole cattle from Apollo, which infuriated Apollo, but Hermes was able to appease Apollo by inventing the lyre, which he gave to Apollo.

Hermes exemplifies the qualities of Mercury: quick thinking, communication, and a lack of ethical principles. Astrologically, Mercury is not immoral, but it is amoral, that is, indifferent to ethical issues, which are the domain of Saturn.

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